Remote Control Gates

LT Garage Doors Ltd manufactures remote control gates for all clients in Cheshire, Stoke and Macclesfield. We offer installation, design and manufacturing. As well as this, we can design all remote control gates. The team also have remote controls available as fast replacements if you happen to lose your current remote control.

We believe that these gates are without a doubt a great option for every property. Furthermore, they also offer fantastic security levels for each and every client. With full personalisation over the design of any gate, you will always be left satisfied by the quality of security you have with your remote control.

Remote Control Systems

We provide remote control systems for several products. These include gates, garage doors, shutters and regular doors. All our remote control systems are simple to use and are unlikely to be damaged or broken. As a result, this means that remote control gates are fully functioning and can always be used. This is regardless of whether this is for parking your vehicle or accessing your entire property.

All remote control gates that we install are designed specifically to our clients, no matter what style you choose. Whilst we have several designs available, the gate style and colour schemes will always depend on your preference. Whether you would like a design matching your home or a completely new style, the design can always be tailor-made before the installation.

All remote control systems or installed with your gate, without ruining the actual design and style. Our remote control systems are always dependable and unlikely to be damaged. This keeps the gate in great condition and ensures it is always fully functioning.

Gate Design & Manufacturing

All our gates will come with their own colour scheme. Furthermore, we finish these with quality coats to prevent staining, scratching and damage. As manufacturing is handcrafted by our qualified team, you are assured of the highest standard. If you are looking for custom-built remote control gates, there is no better place to go.

Our remote control gates vary in size and design, we will always tailor them according to individual specifications. Before installation, we discuss your design with you to ensure what you imagine is achieved by our manufacturing team. All security and safety features are included in the installation. Above all, the remote control system is included. This makes your gate secure immediately after installation.

Our designs always use quality materials and systems to prevent damage or break-ins. With extra remote controls available, a fast response can always be given if your security is ever in risk without the control.

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Remote control gates feature smooth designs and the installation process is designed using premium materials and equipment. With our gates, you are assured of security and durability, meaning replacements are unlikely to be required. Call our team today on 01785 748 001 or fill in our contact form if you would like a fast response.

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