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Ranch Aluminium Gate Designs

Gate with two doors vattenti line ranch uprights side made of aluminium drawn in diameter 100 mm x 60 mm central section 3 mm.

Montanti and higher profiles 60 mm x 40 mm Section 3 mm.

Lower uprights and central tie rods profiles 40 mm x 40 mm Section 3 mm.

Horizontal rods in tube section 20 mm x 5 mm.

Painted and equipped with adjustable hinges, mounting plates and battentr stop.

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Why Choose Ranch Style?

  • Rod Material: alluminio
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Absolutely ecologic product

We have put a lot of work in order to have the best driveway gates on the market.

Traditional gate style, very common in farms and gardens fencing applications. We have a number of designs for this gate style available, giving you an extensive selection for your property.

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