Supply & Installation Of Commercial Shutters

LT Garage Doors Ltd have many years’ experience in the supply and installation in all aspects of commercial shutters. Our hard-wearing shutters are widely used as shop front closures, sport complexes, counter tops, bars and clubs…the list is endless.

Here at LT Garage Doors Ltd we believe that the instalment of our quality shutters needs to be done professionally and safely, to prevent any damage to a person or the building. If you’re in need of a commercial shutter, LT Garage Doors Ltd has you covered. With our wide variety of shutters to choose from, it is certain you will find one to meet your specific requirements.

Advantages Of Commercial Shutters

There are many advantages that commercial shutters can have, some being:

  • Commercial shutters act like insulators and they protect from wind, rain, heat and sound.
  • Reduce noise levels – our commercial shutters can reduce noise level by half.
  • Our commercial shutters add privacy and security.
  • They are available in a wide variety of colours and designs in order to suit every customer’s needs.

Shutter Repairs

Having issues with your commercial shutter? No need to worry as here at LT Garage Doors Ltd we have a team of professionals who offer all aspects of shutter repairs. With many years’ experience our expert team can fix any issue sufficiently and safely.

In most cases our team will be able to repair your shutters quickly and without many issues. Our engineers will assess the situation and keep you informed as to the requirements of the procedure. If parts are required our engineer will provide you with a quotation and wait for your approval before carrying out the work.

Contact Us

Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01782 533 552 to speak to one of our professionals regarding any issue you may have with your commercial shutter.