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Security Doors

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Security Doors Installation and Repair

Versatile, adaptable, solid and cost-effective, security doors are ideal for a wide range of applications. Security shutters and doors are one of the most popular type doors on the market. With many years’ experience in the security shutter and door industry, our well-experienced team here at LT Doors have all the necessary skills and expertise to provide a comprehensive installation & repair service. We work across the South Manchester area, as well as Staffordshire, Crewe and Shropshire.

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Roller shutter door of logistic center for industrial background transport company
Shutter door, outside of factory
Strictly no unauthorised access sign at construction site security door uk
Warehouse shutter door, Entrance of storage warehouse

About Security Shutters

We manufacture and install our security shutters to provide reliability, strength and improve security. Perfect for warehouses, retail premises, commercial buildings and garages, they complement your property’s main features. Regardless of your requirements, our security shutters and doors are excellent value for money.

Typically, we make security shutters to withstand some of the toughest conditions. These conditions can include difficult weather and continued usage. Additionally, we only use the finest materials to ensure that you have a higher level of security.

These doors and shutters are available in a fantastic choice of colours and finishes. Furthermore, we can make these from solid materials such as galvanised steel. As a result, the versatility of our doors is truly amazing. We ensure that they will fit into various spaces, making them a brilliant alternative to other shutters and doors on the market.

Security Shutters

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Security Door Fitters

We are able to fit our security shutters in all kinds of ways. The team make sure that they are able to accommodate slopes in the ground as well as uniquely sized openings. Because we tailor them to suit your individual needs and aesthetic requirements, you can be sure to receive the doors you are in need of.

Regardless of your specifications, alterations can be made to your security doors and shutters to meet your needs. For example, they are undoubtedly suitable for shops, factories, workshops, warehouses, retail premises, garages and other commercial buildings. As the perfect solution to many requirements, contact us at LT Garage Doors Ltd for more.

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Shutter door inside factor
A closeup shot of automatic metal roller door used in factory, storage, garage, and industrial warehouse

Shutter Repairs & Spares

In the rare event that your security shutter or door happens to break down,  speak to the professionals here at LT Garage Doors Ltd. We will fix it for you whether we were responsible for installing it or not. The team provide you with a comprehensive shutter door repair service in Cheshire, Stoke and Macclesfield, ensuring that your door is repaired quickly and left fully functional.

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