Fire Shutter Supply & Installation

Our shutters help protect buildings and lives!

Our fire shutters play a critical role in preventing a fire from spreading throughout your property. With high levels of security against fire, our shutters can prevent the spread of flames for up to 4 hours; protecting your building and the assets in it until the emergency services arrive. If that wasn’t enough, they allow everyone in your premises to follow your fire escape route out of the building safely.

Highly versatile and cost-effective, LT Garage Doors Ltd’s shutters are individually designed and installed to suit your specific needs and requirements. LT Garage Doors Ltd offer the complete service of fire shutters to ensure they are fitted correctly and professionally. With our variety of designs, you are sure to find one which appeals to you and your building.

Benefits Of Fire Shutters

  • Stylish protection – Our durable shutters come in a range of designs and are made to fit effortlessly into your premises.
  • Automatic protection – Guaranteed immediate protection with the controlled movement activated by the signal of a smoke alarm.
  • Made to measure safety – Our fire shutters can be tailor-made to fit any area, ensuring that every inch of your business is protected from fire.

Repairs Of Fire Shutters

Here at LT Garage Doors Ltd, we understand the concern that faulty fire shutters can cause. Fire shutters which need repair compromise the safety of the people and assets which are in your premises. It is vital that your fire shutter is seen to by a professional as soon as an issue arises.

We have an excellent rate for repairing various shutters, with our professional skills and expertise we can have your fire shutter back in perfect working order in no time.

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