Industrial Door Repairs, Supply and Installation

Our industrial doors are necessary in environments where the strength of the door is essential. These include outdoor utility blocks, substations and a range of other places.

We have years of experience when it comes to installing and dealing with industrial doors in Cheshire, Stoke and Macclesfield. This helps us to develop our knowledge regarding different types of doors used for both industrial and commercial areas. Additionally, we are also experienced in the maintenance of their strength and protection. If you have an industrial door either because your property isolated or because the contents need extra protection, LT Garage Doors Ltd is the company to call.

Repairs Of Industrial Doors

Our wide range of repair services for industrial doors ensures that we can provide expert assistance on your manual or automatic opening mechanism. Our team are professional and work safely, maintaining and restoring your security.

Signs Your Industrial Door Needs Repair

In the unlikely occurrence of your industrial door needing repair, knowing the signs of when it does is key. This way you can make sure your industrial door is fixed quickly, instead of waiting for further damage to occur. Here are some things to look/listen out for:

  • Unusual noises when opening and closing
  • Stiff or troublesome operation
  • Leaks or gusts
  • Dents or bends

If you do notice any of these issues occurring, don’t hesitate to give LT Garage Doors Ltd a call to speak to a professional in order to find a solution to your problem

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