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Side Hinged Doors

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Manufacturer’s Brochures

Click the links below to view the brochures and find out more about side hinged garage doors:

Brands We Stock

Garador offers a range of side hinge steel doors with 5 different designs. Additionally, there is a choice of 6 colours on top of the standard white, giving you flexibility with the appearance. These doors are made with 2 equal size leafs. Furthermore, they also come with a 10-year manufacturers guarantee.

Fort Doors have a range of different patterns and colours on their side hinged garage doors. They are good quality doors with a fantastic finish and are an alternative to other manufacturers.

Hormann Insulated Side Hinged Garage doors are double-leaf insulated NT60-2 and NT80-2 garage doors which are ideal for replacements for older hinged doors. These maintain a classic look without leaving you lacking the advantages of modern function and security. They do 3 different designs and an array of colours.

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