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Aluminium Gates EKOtrend Series

The aluminium gates Ekotrend series are constructed with profiles of box-of 40mm x 40mm diameter, section of 5mm.

The hinge side uprights are solid profile of 40mm x 40mm thick, is machined to lìalloggio of cerniere. Nella zipper is used the brass bushes to avoid the contact wear.

We can provide with gates under a painted steel structure, the diameter of the structure uprights with a diameter of 150mm x 150mm, section 3 / 4mm.

The structure is completely disassembled is assembled by bolts with plates, facilitating stages of transportation and assembly on site.

All gates are certified UNI-EN, they have one with REALE MUTUA insurance valid warranty on the entire territory of Europe, valid for 10 years.

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Gates Tailored

Gallery image of aluminium gates brand EKOtrend …

Mast full aluminium 40 mm x40 mm, is turned local accommodation hinge.

The hinges are provided with brass bushing to prevent wear and friction.

All vemgono gates equipped with electric lock superimposed with lock button.

The plates used are made of 3 mm thick aluminium, you can achieve etching of any design, even on customer’s request.

Before being assembled, they are treated with a mechanical pickling with automatic shot blasting machines, which make the surfaces perfectly clean and satin, to ensure maximum adhesion of paints.

Vericiatura powder termoindurenteTantissime the colour all RAL, and over 30 shades of colour of orange peel effect, and antique effect.

All Canelli can be custom made with a sturdy frame made of painted steel, with boxes for automation already correctly positioned, ready to be laid in the foundation hole.

Then the columns can be coated with materials and finishes to taste.

For EKOtrend Gates in Staffordshire

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