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Monoblock Classic

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Technical Description of the System

The system of profiles for the construction of pedestrian gates driveways sliding swing railings and aluminium fences are made of extruded sections in aluminium alloy EN AW 6060 according to EN 573/3.

The sections of the main load-bearing profiles vary from a section of 40 mm * 40 to 60 * 60 various thicknesses that can vary from the thickness 4/6/10/20 / or solid profile, depending the types to be performed or solutions to be adopted.

Corner joints are made by welding to aluminium to magnesium wire with
internal reinforcements to the profiles as needed.

The hinges are made by combining different materials to limit the most posibile the attrico combining steel, stainless steel bushings and brass fitting.

Our particular hinges and coverage allows us to minimize the impact
aesthetic and facilitate as much as possible the laying.

All hardware decorative elements or brackets are made with screws and bolts stainless A2.

The wall anchors will be dimensioned according to the requirements and will steel galvanized.

With our swing gate systems and sliding certificates can achieve closures
2 swing doors up to a maximum of m = 8 and sliding columns of light up to a maximum columns of light m = 9, and for some solutions mt = 12.

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About Monoblock Classic Aluminium Gates

Our system of railings and balconies are made with the combination of round profiles paintings solid round bars and square filled with the most possible combinations of the picture with section 10 * 10 per square with section 15 * 15 full and empty and round cross-sections of 15mm and 20mm both full and empty, of both frames made with tubular profile 30 * 30 of its U-shaped profile 30 * 20 * 2, all on columns with section 50 * 50 * 3 Foot and mounting brackets in front fixing floor and wall.

All our solutions can be realized with either lame out of square pieces
inclined or curves, always check the feasibility.

All our works are made so as to have traceability in the time of
both paper and electronic documentation.

For the purpose of placing the finished product on the EU market, every
swing gate and sliding will be accompanied by CE marking and accompanied by facicolo.

Technical manual of use and maintenance, in compliance with The Products Directive by Building 89/106 / EC.

All our products are covered by product liability insurance with Decennial validity.

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