LT Garage Doors Ltd offer bespoke and tailored gates. Classic gate slats are available for installation with all gates and a selection of designs and styles available.

Aluminum doors constructed of extruded aluminum with primary alloy in 6060.
Diameter of the section profiles 60 mm x 5 mm 60 mm.
All vemgono doors with electric lock overlaid with the lock button.
aluminum slats of 20 mm thick, can be applied in a vertical fashion, horizontal, slanted.

Before being assembled, they are treated with a mechanical pickling blasting with automatic machines, which make perfectly clean surfaces and satin, in order to ensure maximum adhesion of paints.
Vericiatura dust termoindurenteTantissime RAL color all over, and more than 30 color shades of orange peel, and the antique effect.
All Canelli can be customized with a robust steel chassis, with boxes for automation already correctly positioned, ready to be laid in the foundation hole.
Then the columns can be coated with materials and finishes to taste.

Classic Slats



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