Electric Gates

Whilst we have a wide range of styles available, electric gates are a fantastic choice for all properties. They not only have a wide range of style choices, but offer excellent security to every property.

Our team design all gates, matching the current style of your property or creating new designs tailored to your needs. All the electric gates we install have a bespoke design and can be designed and manufactured quickly, before being installed in your home exterior.

Why Use Electric Gates?

Whilst you may prefer more traditional gate styles for your property, electric gates still offer great styles and many benefits to each property. These gates are handmade from a minimum of 30mm x 30mm box section frame and 16mm solid infill bars. These are fully welded to improve the quality and strength of all automated gates.

There is no limit to the size of any gate, meaning security can be guaranteed. These gates can not be opened without the necessary controls, security is massively better than on normal gate designs.

Electric gates still come with the many style and design options available with other gate types, meaning the gate personalisation is retained.

Electric Gate Manufacturing

As LT Garage Doors Ltd manufacture all gates ourselves, you are assured of the highest quality with each product. This also means if damage occurs or you lose remote controls for electric gates, replacements can always be made by our team to provide a fast solution for big issues like this.

Our installations can be made to any properties you require. There are many gate design colours and finishes that can be added to each electric gate. This creates a fantastic style for every home, whether you choose vibrant colours to stand out or have the gate match the style of your home.

When manufacturing electric gates, we have your safety in mind and always use quality materials and our fully qualified manufacturing team to design bespoke and high quality gates.

Contact Us

For more information regarding our electric gates and the design and installation of products, call LT Garage Doors Ltd today. We will provide advice to every client and work closely with you to manufacture the perfect design. Call us today on 01785 748 001 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.