Here at LT Garage Doors Ltd, we have a team of qualified and professional experts who are able to supply, install and repair commercial shutters within Wrexham and throughout the surrounding areas. Our hard-wearing, sustainable and safe shutters are the perfect solution for all commercial properties who want to increase security as well as professionalism. Our team is highly trained to carry out safe and efficient installations as well as maintain duties that need carrying out in order to keep your shutters in immaculate condition. We have a large range of top quality yet affordable commercial shutters, with a wide variety of colours and styles, you are guaranteed to find a commercial shutter which not only fits your requirements but your preferences too.

We have the capability to carry out any job – regardless of size, time-scale and requirements. When it comes to measuring the job at hand, we have a team of experts who have the ability to scale up all jobs professional and precisely.

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Shutters?

From increasing the security of your business to saving money, there are many reasons why your business could benefit from the installation of commercial shutters and here are a few:

  • Deterrent – Commercial shutters act as a strong and immovable object which potential intruders will face if they ever try to access your property uninvited. Our shutters give out a message that cannot be mistaken; the property is secure and safe.
  • Standing the test of time – With regular service and maintenance from us here at LT Garage Doors Ltd, your commercial shutters can be a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for your business premises.
  • Easy to clean – Our shutters are easy to clean and do not need regular cleaning in order for them to look appealing to potential customers.
  • Shutters vs. the environment – Not only do our commercial shutters protect your business from criminals and intruders, they also provide your building with protection from the elements. High winds and storms can often cause costly damage to a building and windows, however, installing shutters from us here at LT Garage Doors Ltd is an effective solution to this problem.

Which Commercial Shutter Is Most Suitable For My Business?

Choosing a commercial shutter for your business can be quite challenging as there are many aspects which need to be considered thoroughly to ensure you choose the one most suited. The team at LT Garage Doors Ltd will be more than happy to give their expert advice and guidance in order to help you choose a commercial shutter which not only fits your requirements but also exceeds them. The final choice is always our customers, but we do try to make sure they have taken the following issues into consideration:

  • Type of property being protected – Different businesses require different levels of security, for example, for obvious reasons a florist does not need the same protection as a bank. Likewise, your home will require more aesthetically pleasing protection compared to a lock up.
  • Display capabilities – If your business relies heavily on window advertising and product placement, then you will require a commercial shutter which has the ability to show off your products whilst still protecting your business effectively.
  • Light or heavy duty construction – The construction of your building will have an influence on what type of shutter you require. A heavily constructed shutter may not be the most appropriate installation for your situation, on the contrary, an aluminium shutter may be a preferred option but may not fit for purpose in your environment.
  • Cost and budget – Your budget will always be an important consideration, talking to our expert team will help you make the most of your budget and provide you with the perfect option for you and your business.


Over the years we have fitted a wide range of doors throughout Wrexham and we are always passionate about hearing what our customers have to say about our staff, prices and overall services. Here are some reviews which have been posted on our Checkatrade page over the years.

“Had a gorgeous anthracite grey electrical garage door with a wicket door fitted. Absolutely love it! The fitting team were fab and we asked them to come back and check something for us which Lee arranged straight away. Thank you… no hesitation in recommending LT Garage doors.” 26/01/2018

“I am in the process of selling my elderly parents house, the key was missing to the garage and the door was stuck in the closed position, I rang LT Garage doors and within 10 minutes they were at the property, the chap that came out managed to open the door without causing any damage, he fitted a new lock, straightened out a slight bow in the door, tensioned the spring and lubricated the mechanisms and all for £80. Very impressed with the speed of service, professionalism/friendliness, I would highly recommend this company, it makes a change to get a really good service in the UK.” – 22/08/2018

“An excellent job all round. The installer was efficient and very polite. He managed to fit a difficult curved top surround, even though he hadn’t been advised it would be required. He also took great care to protect a phone cable which ran across the top of the old door frame. I am very pleased with the finished installation which has worked faultlessly and looks very smart. Overall I have no reservations in recommending this Company for value, quality of product and service.” – 4/02/2016

“Danny and Chris worked very quickly and efficiently, took half the time previously estimated. Knowledgeable about the product and explained to me how the remote worked in detail. Highly recommend this company.” – 15/06/2015

Working In Wrexham

In the 1990’s evidence was discovered of a small Roman settlement at Wrexham, however, the modern town grew up in the Middle Ages. Wrexham was first mentioned in writing in the 12th century and at the beginning of the 13th century the Lord of Manor gave some of the land in the village to an abbey. Since then Wrexham has continued to develop; Border Retail Park opened in 2002 followed by the Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre in 2008.

Wrexham has many historical and amazing landmarks to visit including:

When Are We Available To Work In Wrexham?

Here at LT Garage Doors Ltd, the team are dedicated to working 6 days a week, including Monday – Friday 8am – 5:30pm as well as Saturday 9am – 5pm. During these hours we are more than happy to travel to Wrexham in order to supply, install and repair all aspects of commercial shutters. if you would like to find out more information regarding our services please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 01782 533 552 or 01625 886894.