Timber Gates

LT Garage Doors Ltd have several gate styles available for design and installation, including timber gates. You can always create the exact timber gates you need for your home, regardless of whether this is used as your driveway, entrance or side gate.

As our team manufacture all gates, you have full personalisation over each product. As a result, the team make them according to your specific design needs. With several wood finishes, timber colour choices and gate designs available, each gate we manufacture is bespoke to our client.

Timber & Wooden Gates

The team here at LT Garage Doors Ltd handcraft all gates we make. Our timber and wooden gate styles are a fantastic addition to any property, offering great style no matter what your current property exterior looks like. Timber offers both a modern and old-fashioned style, depending on the finish you choose to have for your gate.

Furthermore, our designs are bespoke and made specifically for your home. We can talk you through the design choices we have available, ensuring that we install the right style. Once your design is decided, we manufacture all timber gates using the highest specification. Additionally, we include all the details of the gate and provide a unique style.

We will always pay great attention to detail as your property specifications are important. We ensure that the timber gate fits perfectly within your home to offer the highest level of security.

Quick Design & Installation

We aim to offer all our clients a fast design and installation process, causing no hassle to your daily routine. With custom manufacturing to fit in your property, you can bring a unique style to your home. As a result, this helps you to stand out from your neighbours while purchasing affordable and bespoke gates.

Many of our products come with a five years’ manufacturers guarantee. Although we manufacture timber gates to perfection, replacements and repairs are always available. These help to restore the original condition of any gates. We can add our finishes to all timber gates. In addition, the condition of your gate will always be fantastic and the style will be durable and remain over a long period of time.

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If you are looking to purchase timber gates in Cheshire, Stoke or Macclesfield or would like to discuss the other gate styles we have available, contact our team. We are happy to discuss your design requirements and the many gate types that can be installed. Call us today on 01785 748 001 or fill in our contact form to receive a fast response from our team.

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