Our fully qualified team provide industrial door installations for properties in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas. We can supply and install industrial garage doors, industrial roller shutters, industrial sectional doors, shop front shutters, security grilles, fire resistant doors, steel hinged doors and many more. We aim to provide efficient, reliable and safety compliant doors for the industrial and commercial sectors where all of these factors are critical. Our electrical engineers have many years of experience in working with doors, gates, shutters and other security systems, so can provide efficient yet safe industrial door installations, repairs and maintenance services. Our versatile industrial doors can be manually or electronically controlled and feature smooth guide rails and hard-wearing laths for maximum security.

Services We Provide

Our team provide a range of industrial door installations and other services for properties in the Shrewsbury area, including:

  • Rapid Roll Doors
  • Up and Over Garage Doors
  • Collapsible Gates
  • Window Shutters
  • Aluminium Shutters
  • Electric Roller Doors
  • Weather & Wind Resistant Shutters
  • Punched Shutter
  • UPVC Doors
  • Transparent Shutters
  • Thermopro Doors
  • French Doors

Industrial Sectional Doors

Our industrial sectional doors are constructed from double profile steel which contains compressed foam for maximum insulation. They open vertically, meaning they save you space which you can use for storing goods, equipment or vehicles. Industrial sectional doors are available with a powder coating finish in a range of colours. They are highly versatile as they are made from multiple panels, which can be glazed for high vision. They are most commonly used for industrial units, storage units, garages, loading bays, fire stations and distribution centres. Sectional overhead doors have a counterbalance system, which consists of highly tensile steel springs on a steel shaft. This reduces the friction exerted when the door opens and closes, allowing it to operate efficiently.

Steel Doors

Our team at LT Garage Doors Ltd can supply and install steel doors suitable for fire exits, emergency doors, security doors and entrance doors. The fire doors we install are compliant with the regulations set by the fire safety advice centre, as all the components including the hinges, timber, latches and locks have been assessed. Our stock of steel doors includes designs that have access control, vents and panic bars, depending on your requirements. Our standard steel doors are manufactured from layers of steel sheets with zinc coating, and they can be operated manually or electronically.

Fire Shutters

We provide a range of industrial door installations for properties that require advanced fire protection systems. Fire shutters are a type of steel roller shutter that are designed to detect fire and immediately shut, creating a fire-resistant barrier. This will protect your property and everything within it for either 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours, depending on the fire rating of your shutter. They are suitable for industrial properties like warehouses, factories, storage units and other buildings where the contents are valuable or highly flammable. Fire shutters are triggered to shut by the smoke alarm, and when exposed to heat and flames they remain intact, giving you and any other personnel within the building more time to evacuate.

High Speed Doors

On industrial and commercial sites, time is of the essence, and it is important that all operations are carried out efficiently, including the opening and closing of industrial doors. Types of high speed door we can install to industrial properties are self-repairing, roller doors and folding horizontal doors. We can install them externally or internally, depending on your circumstances and the level of security required. Our high-speed doors are advantageous for your property or garage as they are efficient, thermally insulating, durable, flexible, and ideal for work areas where a high volume of traffic regularly passes through the door. Our high-speed doors are designed to control the temperature within your property, allow frequent air flow and prevent pests from entering.

Collapsible Gates

Another popular industrial door we can install for your property is a collapsible gate, which can be either top hung or bottom rolling. They are also known as sliding gates, trellis gates, folding gates and sliding gates, and they are an effective deterrent to burglars and intruders. They are a popular security solution for car parks, shop entrances, windows, schools and industrial properties, as they allow vision and airflow into a room, meaning that you can securely leave a window open. As they are installed internally, you do not require planning permission, whereas you might do with other industrial doors. Collapsible gates are finished with galvanised steel or polyester, and they come with either a surface mounted spring tumbler lock or padlocks for maximum security.

Working in Shrewsbury

LT Garage Doors Ltd provide industrial door installations for properties in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas. Shrewsbury is the county town of Shropshire, and the River Severn loops around the town. As an old historical town, Shrewsbury has a Tudor Centre, a medieval street plan and over 660 listed buildings. Shrewsbury Castle is an 11th century castle built by Roger De Montgomery that contains the Shropshire Regimental Museum and all of the historical collections within. The main park in Shrewsbury is The Quarry, which dates back to 1719, and is next to Saint Chad’s Church. Other places to visit in the area are Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, Shrewsbury Abbey and St Mary’s Church.

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