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Roller Doors Are Our Speciality

By 13th February 2017August 26th, 2022Blog

When it comes to garage doors, LT Garage Doors have got you covered. Whether you are looking for a luxury design or are shopping on a budget, you can count on us to deliver the goods accordingly.


Manufactured Excellence

We work with the most trusted experts in the garage door industry, Stylish Roller Doors. With more than 20 years of experience in the garage door industry, they have perfected their designs to meet a whole manner of requirements at your property for both commercial and domestic properties alike.

All garage roller doors (except the budget range) come with a 5 year guaranteed warranty on both the door materials and the motor.

Economy Range

The budget range that we work with never compromises on quality. Providing you with a remote controlled garage door access system and quality garage door, we can create a fully functioning access process without the large price tag. As well as quality materials you can choose from various colours to suit your personal style. Choose from white, dark brown, fir green and our popular anthracite, to really make your garage door a statement piece rather than just a plain door.

The doors we supply and install at your property come with an open hood, 55/77 mm lath, remote control operational box, a selection of four colours and a safety edge kit that all meet current health and safety standards.

Economy range doors come with 12 months guarantee and remote controls come with 6 months warranty.

Poorly Fitted Garage Doors

If you think about how many homes with garages there are in your neighbourhood, it can really blow your mind as to how many garage doors there are out there and what could be hidden behind them! LT Garage Doors are astounded with the amount of poorly fitted doors we see on a daily basis and urge all garage owners to check the quality of their doors at the next available chance.

One example of a garage door situation gone wrong is when a 40-year old mother of one was crushed by a roller mechanism in a block of flats. Residents living in the flats reported that the door had been broken on numerous occasions and the electric access system was often faulty, something that needs to be maintained to keep the safety mechanisms in working order at all times.

Luxury Door Designs

Choose from luxury colours, insulation thickness and grain effects that the budget range don’t deliver and really blow your neighbours out of the ball park. You will soon have the finest quality garage door on your street and be proud to make use of your garage effectively once again with added features like remote control technology, high quality lacquers and auto locking systems.


All remote controls come with 6 months guarantee.

Other features include:

  • Guide Sections
  • Emergency Hand Winds
  • Digi-Box Access
  • Auto Locking Systems
  • Safety Edge Kits
  • Lockable Hand Winds
  • Key Switch/Rocker Switch

Check here next week for more information regarding the insulation quality we provide on all doors.

Big Enough to Cope, Small Enough to Care

LT Garage Doors thrive on being able to support both large and smaller customers throughout the Staffordshire and surrounding areas. Undertaking many bespoke installations, there is no garage door that our team are not able to work with!

Using our reputation, quality of service and high class workmanship, other garage door specialists in the area are envious of our services. Working solely independently to provide our customers with the finest services we cut the waiting time in half and avoid using middle men when dealing with our customers. Whether you are looking for a brand new door, repair services or general maintenance, you can count on our team to carry out every service direct to avoid waiting periods and to most definitely avoid large costs.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in getting a top of the range roller garage door from a company you can trust, call LT Garage Doors today on 01782 533 552, 01625 886894 or 01785 748 001. You can also call if you are concerned about the quality of your existing garage door to get reliable repairs from the professionals.