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Intercom Systems

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Intercom Systems

There is no need to worry about the security of any property. Regardless of whether this is your home or workplace, intercom systems offer an extra level of security. We can install these systems with both gates and industrial doors, preventing anyone unwanted from entering without your knowledge.

Door Entry Systems allow voice communication between any entrances of your building and the section inside you would like to communicate from. Additionally, they are not limited to just one area. Alternatively, they can enable communication from many different places to keep security high at all times.

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Intercom System Installation

We have several systems available to clients from all areas, all of a high standard and ranging in price. We can talk you through the different intercom systems we have available as well as the most secure options to have installed on your property.

Whilst varying intercom systems offer different levels of security, there are also various design options when selecting your intercom system. Whether this is just to fit with the style of your property or to match the colour scheme of gates and industrial doors, we can find a suitable intercom system for you.

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For further information about what we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

System Choice

We look to give our clients as much personalisation as possible and have several intercom security systems to choose from before installation is made. These systems include:

  • Security Intercom Systems
  • Two-Way Radios
  • Wired Intercoms
  • Wireless Intercoms

We also have video systems available for installations and can advise you on the specifications and security levels of each system. All systems come with several design options, so finding a suitable choice for your property is never an option. Whether you would like systems installed on their own or you would also like automated and electric gates or electric shutters and doors, there is always a large choice to improve your security.

Our systems are a great method to improve security. Our systems are very reliable and will ensure you have complete communication with anyone entering your property.

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Contact LT Garage Doors Ltd today to discuss the intercom systems we have available and book fast installations in Cheshire, Stoke and Macclesfield. Our team will always advise you on different systems, whilst finding you the most suitable option for your property. To make an enquiry, call our team today on 01785 748 001 or fill in our contact form.