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Industrial Gates

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Industrial Gates

Every business needs to have a high level of security. Although, this does not mean that you are unable to maintain a stylish exterior. LT Garage Doors Ltd provide industrial gates and always aim to meet your personal specifications for the door design and colour scheme.

We design and manufacture all gates ourselves. As a result, this allows us to consider your design needs, tailoring each product to the client we work with. Regardless of whether you choose a standard design or would like full personalisation, costs are affordable and gates are of a high quality.

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Secure Gates

All the industrial gates we design and install have a high level of security. Used correctly, these can be an effective way to protect any industrial property. Our gates are handcrafted by our own manufacturing team and are available in any size you require. Moreover, the manufacturing always matches the requirements and measurements of your property.

With the installation of our industrial gates, we provide clients with remote control systems and railings. Despite the fact that there may only be one entrance through your gate, it ensures that security will be all around the property. Remote control systems work to prevent anyone from entering through your gate without the necessary controls.

Both railings and industrial gates are available in various styles. You always have the choice to mix or have your gates and railings match for a stylish exterior.

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For further information about what we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Industrial Gate Styles

We have metal, timber and automated gates available for our clients. Usually metal and iron gates are the most secure option for many industrial properties. We always encourage you to share your design and style ideas with our team. This enables us to match your expectations, regardless of your budget. Manufacturing of all industrial gates is completely tailored to you, with many metals available to give you different styles.

We can always give you information regarding the standard gate designs we have and what changes can be made. During the manufacturing process, we only use high-quality materials for all gates. This keeps security levels high at your property and reduces any safety risks posed by the strength of the gate.

All gate styles are available with intricate designs and several colours and finishes. Any of these can be added to match your property’s exterior. Alternatively, gate styles can also be very basic, whilst always maintaining the highest level of security.

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Speak to LT Garage Doors Ltd today to start your design process and have a fast installation of industrial doors. We are happy to answer enquiries from all clients in any area, regardless of whether you are local or not. Call us today on 01785 748 001 or fill in our contact form for a fast response.