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Garage Door Home Improvements

By 9th March 2017August 12th, 2022Blog

Are you looking to improve your property value? Are you wanting to upgrade your property exterior? You’re not alone!

With LT Garage Doors you can do exactly that and more with quality garage door designs that add extra security and value to your home in abundance.

Security Is A Necessity

Like we have said many times before, choosing the perfect garage door for your property is no walk in the park. To find a garage door which main purpose is to protect and secure your property as well as look great, it can some time, expertise and knowledge within the industry.

With all designs being accredited and approved by Secured By Design, the official police security initiative, you can rest easy knowing your property is secure and that all buildings using these products are protected. These accredited garage doors are more than just aesthetics and with a proven reduced rate of 42% in burglary crimes, the doors are already proving their ability.

With a massive saving of £241,800 in a year it is clear to see why LT Garage Doors are favoured by many property owners.


With a wide range of designs to choose from, your property’s appearance can be transformed in no time at all. Although all of our doors obviously look good at any property, (even if we are biased) we make sure that the door you choose fits perfectly, matches your aesthetics and meets your personal style requirements.

Regardless of what you use your garage space for, whether it be extra living areas or a home business like many small businesses in London, you can count on LT Garage Doors to supply the most suitable door for your needs.

Functionality Vs. Aesthetics

9News recently stated that many homeowners “don’t often think about our garage doors until something goes wrong”. If your garage door is functional, a little bit creaky but still does the job you are less likely to pay out to replace it, but what if something does go wrong?

You need to be able to rely on your garage door not just for security but also safety. As one of the heaviest mechanisms at your property, it is vital that you take care of it to ensure safety while in use and when not in use, before it is too late.

Guaranteed Safety

With finance options, bespoke designs and more to choose from than you will ever need, LT Garage Doors is able to provide up to 10 years guarantee on any door you choose. All of our team are highly skilled, committed to quality materials and only ever advise on suitable choices for your property individually, so that you can trust the mechanisms you are using every day, often more than once.

We understand that a certain design does not work for everyone and our team use their years of experience to find the best solution for your property and budget.

Get in Touch

To find out how you can get quality garage doors throughout Stoke, Crewe, Warrington, Stafford, Stockport, Macclesfield, Chester and the surrounding areas, call our head office today on 01782 533 552.

Choose from Garador, Hormann, Fort and Stylish Roller Door designs to get a superior garage door you can rely on.