Our engineers provide awning, carport and canopy installations for domestic and commercial properties in Cheadle and the surrounding areas of Greater Manchester. Home additions like these can increase your living space, quality of life, and the value of the property. As a form of shelter in your garden, a canopy or awning can allow you to spend time outside relaxing, regardless of the weather. Additionally, during summer months they can decrease your electricity bills as you will not require as much air conditioning due to the shade they create within your house. With a range of finishes available including contemporary, modern and traditional, you can choose an awning or canopy that complements the style and look of your property. They can be motorised or non-motorised, and additional features such as sensors can be added upon request.

Our Services

We can provide the supply and installation of a number of products including:

  • Canopies
  • Verandas
  • Carports
  • Awnings
  • Industrial Doors
  • Garage Door Installations & Repairs
  • Up and Over Doors
  • French Doors
  • UPVC Doors & Windows

Retractable Patio Awnings

Retractable patio awnings are ideal outdoor shelter solutions that create a larger outdoor living space you can utilise regardless of the weather. A patio awning can provide protection against rain, sunlight and shade, depending on the weather conditions. Awnings are manufactured from an aluminium frame, and there are a wide range of suitable fabrics you can choose from including acrylic coated and acrylic synthetic fabrics. An awning can be used to protect a room from UV sunlight, eliminating the need for curtains. The three types of cassette are open cassette, semi cassette or full cassette, all of which you can customise with lighting, heating and accessories. Retractable terrace covers provide better protection against wind and heavy rainfall, meaning they can be used all year round.


Canopies can be used in commercial situations to provide shelter against the weather whilst in the doorway of a property such as a school, shop or restaurant. They are a popular option for businesses as they enable you to plan an outdoor event without worrying about having to cancel it due to bad weather conditions. Transparent canopies can have built-in UV filters so that people can enjoy the outdoors safely during the warmer months. For companies who provide food and drink catering, canopies can be effective as they can offer an outdoor seating and drinking area, increasing their customer capacity. The many types of canopy include:

  • Entrance Canopies
  • Dining Area Canopies
  • Motiva Linear
  • Fabric Canopies
  • Covered Walkways
  • Playground Canopies
  • Curved Roof Canopies
  • Motiva Cantilever
  • Cycle Canopies


Carports are structures that are fixed to the exterior wall of your house or garage to create a canopy style roof that protects your car. They do not require painting and they do not rust, so they are very easy to maintain. Our carports are made from polycarbonate inserts to ensure they stay stable, even during heavy weather conditions. All carports are built with rain guttering and an aluminium frame, and we can custom make them to the size of your vehicle or caravan. Carports are cheaper to install than a full garage and provide maximum possible ventilation for your car. We can install you a carport canopy for a singular car or multiple vehicles, which can add value to your property, improve the aesthetics of the area and provide protection for your car. We specialise in the installation of all carports including free standing apex roofs, pent roofs and free-standing lean. Carports are suitable for private homeowners, car parks, hotels and other businesses, and can be made out of either maintenance free UPVC or aluminium.


A veranda is a platform that runs around the outside of a building on the same level as the ground floor, which has a roof over it to protect you from rain and other weather conditions. Verandas are open aired and ventilated and act as a porch that wraps around the exterior of your building. A veranda is sometimes referred to as a Portuguese porch. You can use a veranda for outdoor storage, activities, relaxing and dining, whilst remaining sheltered from the rain or sun. Our verandas are constructed using a double-glazed glass roofing system, which trap the sunlight and becomes warm and lit up when the weather is nice. We use aluminium so that your veranda does not corrode with the weather or rust over time, meaning it is very easy to maintain.

Working in Cheadle

Cheadle is a village in the Metropolitan borough of Stockport, which is in Greater Manchester. Places to visit in the area include Bruntwood Park, Chads Theatre Company and the Himalayan Salt Cave. Cheadle has been populated since the iron age by the Celts, before it was later habited by the Brigantes. Green spaces in the area include Abney Hall Park, Grange Park Road Playing Fields and Brookfields Park. Cheadle Golf club lies near the centre of the village, on the banks of Micker Brook. The local church is St Mary’s Parish Church on the high street, and a beautiful garden you can visit in the area is the Diamond Jubilee Park.

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