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How To Fix Common Garage Door Problems

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Broken garage doors or minor faults can become a common occurrence to every home, but something you want to avoid. There are several common garage door problems that could occur and knowing how to make a quick fix could save you time and money…

LT Garage Doors provide high-quality garage doors throughout the UK and can always offer garage door repairs and replacements. This will maintain your garage doors condition, ensuring it is the right standard for you.

Stiff Door Mechanism

Having a stiff door can become a safety hazard if the door does not open smoothly. It could mean the door will not open fully or will not close easily. Another potential problem is the door closing whilst you are in the garage or underneath the door yourself.

In most situations, extra lubricant for your stiff door could clear this problem easily. This can help the door glide slightly easier and ensure there are no risks when opening and closing the door. This could occur to any door type and making sure the door is safe to use should be important to you.

Noisy Doors

A noisy door anywhere on your property is a concern and a massive pain but having this every time you open your garage can be even more frustrating. Especially if you sleep close to the garage door, even strong winds could cause an unbearable noise. With general maintenance of the garage door, its condition is likely to be good and this should not happen.

By tightening the nuts of your garage door and using replacement hinges, you can keep your garage door in great condition. This is usually enough to stop the door from making noises, however, the problem could lie with the actual door. If noises continue, having a replacement of a newer garage door is your solution.

Automatic & Remote-Controlled Garage Doors

Losing your remote or being unable to access your automatic garage needs a quick solution. If automatic garage door systems fail to open or close, repairs are often required to solve this. However, automatic doors may also have dead batteries inside, which can easily be replaced yourself.

Batteries aren’t always the problem and it could be due to photocells being misaligned through being knocked or broken. Repairs will be needed so photocells are realigned correctly, without the risk of the problem reoccurring.

Remote controls can also have dead batteries that would stop it from functioning correctly. Again, using new batteries is the obvious solution and could solve your problems without wasting money or time. If the control is completely broken or lost, then a replacement control should be purchased to ensure only you have control of the garage door.

Obstructions & Jams

Your garage door should always be secure. If the door will not close completely or becomes jammed in a certain position, this can usually be due to an obstruction. An obstruction can be caused by your own storage within the garage, as well as small stones, pebbles or waste being caught in the hinges of the garage door.

To keep your garage door in the best condition, no matter what opening style it has, general maintenance is required. Looking for any loose materials or solid objects caught in the garage and removing them will prevent jamming. Additionally, storing every item in your garage correctly will prevent items being damaged and ensure the door can open and close without issues.

Contact Us

LT Garage Doors always make installations safely and smoothly, ensuring the door is in great condition. Our customers have no problem using any of our garage doors. Additionally, repairs and spare parts are available for faulty products. If you would like the installation of garage doors to your property, contact us today on 01782 533 552 or 01785 748 001. You can also fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

5 Benefits Of Roller Garage Doors

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Choosing the perfect garage door is a big choice. Finding the best design and style as well as good quality should always be essential. Roller garage doors can provide you with several benefits and could be the best opportunity for you. But why exactly should you consider roller garage doors?

LT Garage Doors have a range of roller garage doors designs available throughout the UK and can always find the most suitable option for you.

Automatic Motors

With the installation of roller garage doors, you always have the option of NRG motors. This means garage doors are automatic and make the door much easier to use for people of all ages, whilst maintaining safety as well. With a battery powered door sensor within the garage door, keeping your garage secure is completed easily.

The unique automatic system of roller garage doors even adjusts to offset an uneven floor. This ensures that the garage does not reopen or need magnets installed to keep the door shut and secured. Not only putting your mind at ease, this makes keeping your own belongings much easier.

Insulated Doors

Not only will insulation maintain heat within the garage if you stay there for long periods of time, but will also reduce noise levels from inside and outside of the garage. If you decide to use your garage as workshop space or a cinema or games room, staying in there for a long time could make you a bit chilly.

Roller garage doors ensure this does not happen and there is always good heat insulation. With garage doors coming fully fitted with rubber seals, this also prevents any drafts from entering your home. Many garage doors are also suspect to rattling in windy condition. Roller doors have a strong thickness preventing problems in all weathers.

Smooth Opening

Garage doors that become difficult to operate and open correctly, which will only cause you problems and cost you more money. By finding the correct garage door you can save yourself money in the long-term ensuring you have a durable and long-lasting product.

Roller garage doors stop regular problems from occurring within your garage, whilst providing a smooth transition when closing and opening the garage door. Whether you choose an automatic opening or remote control, roller garage doors provide easy access to every client, without the risk of repairs being needed on a regular basis.

Safety & Security

Security and safety are integral to every property, including your garage doors. Roller garage doors are fantastic for security and staying in great condition. With a five-year guarantee, you are assured that roller garage doors can complete the job you require, whilst completing any automatic or controlled needs you have at a time.

Maintaining a smooth operation throughout your use, roller garage doors are a great option whether you require an upgrade or brand-new replacement. With a simplistic, rolled opening and safety edge and safety break features installed within the garage door and NRG motors, this provides a secure doorway for your property.

Designs & Styles

As with all garage doors at L T Garage Doors, we have a range of designs and styles for you to choose from. Roller garage doors can provide many benefits and you can always select the colour scheme and style you desire that matches your current property perfectly.

We can advise you on all designs before you decide on your final choice, ensuring you have a good understanding of every option that is available to you. We provide many colours as well as materials to create the garage door and will always meet your specific requirements with the final outcome and installation for the product you purchase.

Contact Us

Roller garage doors provide many benefits for your property and if you would like installation, contact our team 01782 533 552 or 01625 886894 or 01785 748 001 for any advice or information regarding our services. You can also make an enquiry regarding any of our products and fill in our contact form.

Garage Door Designs To Transform Your Property

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Your property should always reflect your personal style and the designs you want. With a wide range of garage door designs available, you should always find the perfect option for your property that matches all your home design expectations.

LT Garage Doors have several garage door designs and garage types for you to choose from. We can provide the advice you need to choose the best option for your property.

Timber Doors

Although there are several options when choosing your opening style, getting the initial design of your door correct is your biggest choice. There is such a wide selection of colours and materials that can be used to create your garage door. Whilst you want a strong and durable material, a small dose of style can massively transform your property.

Timber doors can give you this great style, whilst still maintaining a fine quality, keeping your garage contents safe. Timber doors also come in many different colours, but this can be the first stop on a path to a stylish exterior property. We can create bespoke doors to match your specification, ensuring colour and size is perfect.

Sectional Opening Styles

A sectional opening style will mean your garage door opens upwards, however, each section of the garage door will move separately from the other sections. This allows for a stylish and smooth opening which can also be controlled electronically. Sectional opening styles are a great option when choosing your garage door.

Sectional doors can be divided into several sections, usually a minimum of three. With a thickness of at least two panels and rubber weather seals on every side of the door, they are very durable for any use and any type of weather. Again, sectional doors have a range of colours and styles available including oak and rosewood. Garage door designs can always be tailored to your property and the current style you have.

Sectional openings are a very stylish opening style and means very little space is taken up in the garage or driveway when the door is opened.

UPVC Window Installation

Although you may not want people seeing within your garage, window installations are a fantastic feature to acquire. Small or large UPVC windows can be installed easily across your garage door, providing you with a different style. If one colour for your garage door is too boring, window installations could be the perfect solution!

We can talk you through all your specifications, so windows do not become the main attraction but a welcome addition. Windows are also not restricted to a transparent, plain style, but can be tinted with several colours, have borders added and have handle colour finishes. These colours can include:

  • Black
  • Bright Chrome
  • Gold
  • White
  • Zircon

This can only add to your current garage door designs and the style it already has.

Side Hinged Doors

Although a stylish garage door is perfect for every property, it may not always be ideal. If you are constantly coming in and out of your garage, having side hinged doors could be a great alternative. If you decide to renovate your garage interior, whether this is to a games room, storage place or a band practice area, you need easy access to it.

Although other door options will still give you simple access, having a side hinged door means you can easily move in and out without having to keep the main door open. We can provide you with both a side-hinged door and large garage door designs. These designs can always match so the style in your exterior looks fantastic and you are fully satisfied.

Contact Us

With so many garage door designs available, we can always transform your property to meet all your expectations. If you would like to discuss the design you would like or want advice from LT Garage Doors on the styles we have available, do not hesitate to call us. Call us on 01782 533 552 or 01785 748 001 or 01625 886894 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry in Staffordshire.

Signs That You Need A Garage Door Replacement

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There’s no better reason to purchase a new garage door other than the fact you need one. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your garage door or whether you just need a simple repair? These are the main signs you need to look out for…

LT Garage Doors can not only offer you great advice but provide you with a huge selection of garage doors to choose from when you need garage door replacement.

Will Not Open & Close

If your door doesn’t open, close or both, then it’s pretty obvious you need a new garage door. Whether it is an electric roller door or one that must be opened manually, if you struggle to open and close your garage doors frequently, you need a replacement.

You shouldn’t have to live your life constantly pulling and pushing your garage door, trying to get in the right position so there is no risk of a break-in. Garage door replacement will save you from this pain and make sure that you can freely open and close your door until your heart’s content.

Even if your garage door is starting to respond slowly or takes a lot of force to open and close, this could be the initial signs that it will soon be completely immovable. Make a replacement before it’s too late!

Completely Outdated

A garage door replacement not only provides you with a fully functioning new garage, but it can also allow you to upgrade to a new style that fits in better with your home. If your garage doors is reaching the old age of 10, 15 or 20 years, it could be time to upgrade.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely change your style, as LT Garage doors provide every colour and material. This includes:

  • Electric Doors
  • Up & Over Doors
  • Sectional Doors
  • Side Hinged Doors
  • Thermopro Doors
  • Aluminium Front Doors
  • UPVC Doors
  • French Doors

With so many different garage doors available, you can easily find one that maintains the same style or changes it. Electric garage doors even provide features that make your garage easily accessible –an upgrade on doors from 20 years ago!

Make Noises

There’s honestly nothing worse than having a noisy garage door being opened and closed every day. There comes a point where the noise becomes unbearable and you have to sort it out, before the neighbours complain. It’s not just the noise, but this actually signals there is something wrong with your garage, otherwise it would not be making this noise.

This could then cause your garage door to begin shaking or become uneven. Garage door noise usually means that something is uneven or springs or straining. This issue needs to be resolved straight away before there is more damage and garage door replacement could be the best option.

Bending, Sagging & Damage

If your garage door no longer looks in the best condition it’s not always a problem. Despite this, you want your home appearance looking the part and if your garage door no longer fits the bill, it’s time to change. Dents and bending mean that the security of your garage door is compromised and it simply doesn’t look as good. Don’t let this be the case and make sure you get a garage door replacement today.

Additionally, if the garage door is sagging, it means even when you are not touching it, it still moves. This is a massive struggle if you are always having to push and pull the door back into position. Sagging garage doors can make it increasingly difficult to open and repairing it may only postpone your fate.

Choosing Your Garage Door Replacement

The final reason you should have a garage door replacement is because you spot a new one that you love! Even if your current garage door is still in good condition, purchasing a new one should never be an issue. When this time comes, LT Garage Doors are here to help you find the perfect purchase.

Choosing your garage door has never been easier with our showroom and bespoke garage door builder. This allows you to create your garage door in the style you want for your home. We offer great advice on which door is most suitable for you and always find a door within your budget.

Contact Us

For more information about the doors we have available or why you need garage door replacement, call us today. LT Garage Doors are always willing to help customers find the bespoke garage door for them, so call now on 01782 533 552.

Top 5 Ways To Upgrade Just About Any Garage

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When we want to renovate and upgrade our homes, we usually think of the areas we tend to spend most of our time in such as the living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. My question is what about the garage? Here are 5 things you can add to your garage to make it an infinite area of your home.

Here at LT Garage Doors, we can upgrade your current garage to help you make the most of your unused space. Whether it’s a new and improved electric door or providing you with spare parts in order to fix the repairs you need to.

Install Ceiling Storage

Garages are the common clutter room in any home. whether you find belongings you no longer want, need or have any use, the first thing many people think is to just put it in the garage as you might need it one day. When all the space in your garage has been consumed with as much as you can organise, the natural solution is to look up – literally. Installing ceiling storage will create overhead storage for miscellaneous stuff you hardly ever use.

 Find out how to do so here.

Upgrade To Epoxy Flooring

When trying to improve your garage area, the first place to start is at the bottom. That’s if you can see it.

It is more than likely that you have had the same concrete floor since you moved in and now it’s covered in dust and oil. Power washing it once in a while isn’t going to make it look miraculously special but epoxy flooring will!

Having epoxy flooring installed in your garage ensures that future messes are easier to clean up while also adding a certain flair in terms of how it looks.

Use Your Smartphone To Open Your Garage Door

Yes, this exists, you really can do this! If your neighbour needs to borrow a hammer from your tool box or you desire to cycle to work, this can now be achieved with just a tap.

The MyQ garage door opener allows you to control your garage door through your smartphone; it can then be controlled from anywhere on Earth. We’ve all been through the fear of forgetting to close the garage door but now MyQ home control app can alert you and let you remedy the situation.

Heavy Duty Storage Cabinets

Storage is an ongoing struggle when trying to optimize our garages, but now it doesn’t need to be. If you invest in heavy duty storage cabinets you will be able to appropriately organise your garage. The best thing about heavy duty storage cabinets is that they can last for decades and most are now designed to include heavy duty caster wheels so they can be moved with ease.

 Let Your Garage Reach Its Full Potential

If you’ve got the room in your garage and somewhere else to park the car, then why not consider converting that space into more than just storage. Maybe you’re a DIY kind of person and would like somewhere comfortable and convenient to carry out your projects. Or you love technology but don’t have anywhere to work and enjoy it for its full potential.

A garage doesn’t have to be just for storage it really can be anything you desire it to be. Whether that’s an office, in home cinema or gym, a home garage is a perfect place to create your very own hideout space.

Organising your garage is crucial in order for it to reach its full potential. If any of the ideas above appeal to you, then why not give them a go? They will definitely benefit your garage and the way you use it.

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If you would like to find out more information regarding our services here at LT Garage Doors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling 01782 533 552 or 01625 886894.

three brown sectional garage doors

How Your Driveway Can Make Neighbours Jealous

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Although you may say it’s no competition, having the best house on the block is something we all take pride in. This all starts with the appearance of your home and making sure your driveway and garden contains the perfect features to make your neighbours jealous.

LT Garage Doors provide a range of features that will make your driveway stand above the rest as well as offering advice on what will be best for your home. Our products will always improve your home and add to a picture-perfect driveway.

Picking Your Driveway Style

The style of your home is vital to ensuring your driveway and garden gives off the right impression and that you completely stand out from the crowd. Get the wrong style and your entire front exterior could be ruined – it’s that important.

When picking your style, LT garage Doors can display a range of different colours and features to create your dream driveway and exterior. Whether you want each part of your home colour schemed or would like a more vibrant style with lots of colours, we can help you get the right mix!

Choosing The Right Garage Door

Garage doors can make all the difference to whether a property looks average or amazing and choosing the right colour and style will always be essential. Choosing the perfect design that also fits in with the style of your home is the starting point of a great looking exterior and there are several garage door designs that you can choose from:

  • Electric Doors
  • Up & Over Doors
  • Sectional Doors
  • Side Hinged Doors
  • Thermopro Doors
  • Aluminium Front Doors
  • UPVC Doors
  • French Doors

With a range of doors available, you will always have a huge amount of choice when it comes to picking the correct garage door. Electric doors are becoming more and more popular due to their simple to use systems, however you may find the most stylish garage door within other designs for your home.

Building A Carport

Carports are not only stylish but they protect your vehicles from the rain – Perfect! A carport, much like your garage, comes with a range of different designs and can be slotted in perfectly to your driveway. Whether you want a see-through top or a wooden carport, there are a range of designs to choose from that will fit in with the style of your home.

A carport can be a simple design that is good for the job of parking your car and keeping it sheltered, but if you really want your driveway to stand out, extravagant lighting and a range of other features can be added – Make sure your carport displays the style you want.

Carports can be as big and as wide as you want. Whether you want to fit one, two or three vehicles underneath it, as long as your driveway is big enough, the carport will be as well.

Verandas, Awnings & Canopies

All used to shield you from the Sun and the rain, but verandas, awnings and canopies can be so much more than that. First things first, you want to make sure these products do the job for your property. Awnings can be used to stop light getting into your windows whereas canopies and verandas are great for sitting in a sheltered area whilst enjoying an outdoor meal.

If you want to stop there, that’s your choice. But instead, why not make sure that the three all have one unique style and ensure your neighbours know about it. They have huge benefits and allow you to take advantage of both a front and back garden and having some of these features could really be the perfect addition to your home.

Whenever you require the installation of new garage doors, carports, awnings, verandas or canopies, make sure you call LT Garage Doors. We can provide the products you want in the style that complements your home perfectly.

Contact Us

For more information about the products we have available and advice on how to make your garden and driveway the pick of the neighbourhood, get in touch today. LT Garage Doors are happy to provide advice and installation of all these features for a great price, so call now on 01782 533 552.

Are Electric Garage Doors The Perfect Purchase?

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There are so many amazing garage doors available, but do any of them still compare to going electric? Read our blog and discover all the perks of using electric garage doors and why this could be the best option for your home!

LT Garage Doors provide a huge range of electric garage doors to homes throughout the Staffordshire area. For advice on which stylish designs and types of doors are best for you, we are the perfect team to call.

Extra Security

Although electric doors can be much easier to use, the security of the door does not depend on whether the garage door is electric. Whether you purchase an electric or standard door, you must always ensure that the security of the door panel is at the highest standard to avoid any break-ins to the garage.

One security benefit of the electric garage door is that there is no handle. If there is no handle it means no one can manage to break in by breaking the handle; they will always have to go through the door. This means a break-in is much less likely as only you, with the remote control, will be able to open the garage door.

Complete Safety

Although garage doors are not usually seen as a danger, you still want to ensure they are completely safe for use and that the storage you keep inside your garage is also not at risk of being damaged. With our made to measure garage doors, there is very little chance of a break and with every purchase, we also have a five-year manufacturers guarantee and six month guarantee of controls.

Additionally, our doors come with a rubber bottom seal that stops water and dirt from getting underneath the garage door and into your goods. Nobody wants their property to get wet and ruined, so electric garage doors are the perfect solution if you want to store valuable things in your garage.

There are even more features that make electric garage doors a great option to buy. With a safety brake and edge feature, there is never a risk of the garage door coming down on either a car or someone’s head – danger free!

Easily Accessible

A huge positive of electric doors is that it is easily accessible for absolutely everyone. Whether you are elderly or disabled, electric garage doors is the best option for your home, allowing you to easily open the door.

With other types of garage doors, this accessibility is not possible and for those who will struggle to both bend down and then lift the garage door, this can be an issue. With a remote control, you can let these worries disappear into a thin air as your garage door will smoothly open vertically, allowing you to access it whenever you want. NRG motors also mean that during a power cut, the door is still able to open manually.

Stylish Designs

The last thing you want for your garage door is a shoddy looking, poorly pieced together garage doors – we ensure electric doors are just as stylish as you want them to be. There are several features that make electric doors the best for your garage, however with every garage door you purchase, LT Garage Doors have an extensive range of styles to choose from.

We have a choice of 20 separate powder coated colour finishes including 4 woodgrain finishes on our bespoke doors. With all our doors being personal to each property, you have a selection to pick from when finding your electric garage door.

Electric garage doors provide you with complete safety and security, whilst being accessible to people of all ages. Electric garage doors could be the perfect purchase for your property!

Contact Us

Find out more about why you should install electric garage doors or discover the range of products that LT Garage doors can provide for your home. Call us today on 01782 533 552 for more information.

How Important Are Garage Door Repairs?

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Is your garage door up to scratch and safe to use? If not, you need urgent repairs because it is so much more important than you think to keep on top of your garage door maintenance.

Whether you have slightly peeling paint, faulty hinges or a stiff movement, your garage door is one of the biggest mechanisms at your property and needs proper care and attention at all times.

Security Measures

The biggest requirement from a garage door repair is to keep your security elements high and on alert at all times. If you let the quality of your security slip, the intruder attacks are sure to be encouraged and in most cases rise in figures.

With the crime rate in December last year being as high as 468 burglaries alone in Staffordshire for that singular month, you can clearly see how important it is to make sure your garage door is nothing but secure. Following with a massive 8,350 crimes in total for that one area, homes in Staffordshire need all of the security measures possible to keep your belongings safe from external threats.

Regardless of what you are choosing to keep in your garage, whether it be your car, general household items or you are using it as a home gym, it is so important to keep them secure when you are in the property and elsewhere. The most viable and cost-effective way to do this is by getting a high quality garage door that works effectively and correctly without fail.

Available Accessories

With an abundance of garage door accessories to choose from, there is never an excuse to let your garage door slip into a dangerous state. LT Garage Doors work quite commonly with broken, ill-fitting and poor garage door qualities and always leave the job with a fully equipped and up to date functioning solution.

No matter what design you currently have, we are sure to have the necessary accessories available to keep your internal garage items protected and your external garage materials free from rust, damage and wear and tear. Choose from garage door sealants to thermal insulations to keep your garage free from rain water, mice and the harsh British weathers on the opposite side.

You could invest thousands into a high security CCTV system, but if your garage door lacks vital safety and security elements, you could be giving intruders an easy way in.

Compact Designs

Garages are no longer thought of as just storage facilities and car parking, they have so much potential and it is about time you took this into consideration with your garage door. “Designers and architects say the idea of the garage as the ultimate multi-purpose room is alive and well, and that modern garages are finally being seriously retooled to better suit those myriad uses”, Yahoo News, Katherine Roth.

With the ability to use roller doors and up and over designs to save space in your garage, the possibilities are endless. Garage spaces just need a little creativity, intuition and the right tools to be really transformed into a worthwhile space at your home or property.

Of course, with compact designs comes maintenance and repairs that are so important over a period of time. With more in-depth designs and creativity leading to changes in traditional garage doors, the way you look after your garage door can also differ.

Get in Touch

Contact LT Garage Doors to design, maintain and repair your garage doors today. Call 01782 533 552 right now and discuss your concerns to get one of our highly skilled engineers at your property in no time at all to check the safety, security and condition of your garage door before it is too late.

Garage Door Home Improvements

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Are you looking to improve your property value? Are you wanting to upgrade your property exterior? You’re not alone!

With LT Garage Doors you can do exactly that and more with quality garage door designs that add extra security and value to your home in abundance.

Security Is A Necessity

Like we have said many times before, choosing the perfect garage door for your property is no walk in the park. To find a garage door which main purpose is to protect and secure your property as well as look great, it can some time, expertise and knowledge within the industry.

With all designs being accredited and approved by Secured By Design, the official police security initiative, you can rest easy knowing your property is secure and that all buildings using these products are protected. These accredited garage doors are more than just aesthetics and with a proven reduced rate of 42% in burglary crimes, the doors are already proving their ability.

With a massive saving of £241,800 in a year it is clear to see why LT Garage Doors are favoured by many property owners.


With a wide range of designs to choose from, your property’s appearance can be transformed in no time at all. Although all of our doors obviously look good at any property, (even if we are biased) we make sure that the door you choose fits perfectly, matches your aesthetics and meets your personal style requirements.

Regardless of what you use your garage space for, whether it be extra living areas or a home business like many small businesses in London, you can count on LT Garage Doors to supply the most suitable door for your needs.

Functionality Vs. Aesthetics

9News recently stated that many homeowners “don’t often think about our garage doors until something goes wrong”. If your garage door is functional, a little bit creaky but still does the job you are less likely to pay out to replace it, but what if something does go wrong?

You need to be able to rely on your garage door not just for security but also safety. As one of the heaviest mechanisms at your property, it is vital that you take care of it to ensure safety while in use and when not in use, before it is too late.

Guaranteed Safety

With finance options, bespoke designs and more to choose from than you will ever need, LT Garage Doors is able to provide up to 10 years guarantee on any door you choose. All of our team are highly skilled, committed to quality materials and only ever advise on suitable choices for your property individually, so that you can trust the mechanisms you are using every day, often more than once.

We understand that a certain design does not work for everyone and our team use their years of experience to find the best solution for your property and budget.

Get in Touch

To find out how you can get quality garage doors throughout Stoke, Crewe, Warrington, Stafford, Stockport, Macclesfield, Chester and the surrounding areas, call our head office today on 01782 533 552.

Choose from Garador, Hormann, Fort and Stylish Roller Door designs to get a superior garage door you can rely on.

Garador Garage Door Designs That We Love!

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LT Garage Doors work with numerous quality garage door suppliers but Garador is one of our favourites. With endless supplies of elegant designs, there is no reason not to check out Garador and their range of products!


The Garage Door People

Garador class themselves as The Garage Door People which they most definitely are. Officially forming throughout the 1950’s, they have built garage doors from experience, expertise and great attention to detail and still carry those skills through to modern day designs and creation.

Quickly branching into the market of singular garage doors, they saw a gap in the market and created up and over designs to be the only suppliers in the UK for many years. They are now one of the biggest up and over door design businesses operating all over the world, providing their prestigious branded doors to both commercial and domestic properties.

All Garador garage doors are approved under the Code for Sustainable Homes, the national standard for use in new home construction to encourage sustainability.

Environmentally Friendly Products

With a passion for the environment, Garador have developed designs that incorporate a recycling scheme. By making use of plastics, paints, packaging materials and metals that are recycled or reused where possible, they are making a conscious effort to reduce the environmental impact of manmade products and garage doors.

Although some products may be recycled, they never compromise on quality or durability.

Up and Over

Whether you choose up and over designs or any other garage door for that matter from Garador, you are guaranteed quality, reliability and durability over a prolonged period of time. Long gone are the days when rusty and squeaky garage doors were the norm because with Garador you get the door you have always dreamed of and more!

Choose from steel panels, various designs, timber effects, PVC panels, GRP panels and timber panels to create the up and over garage door suitable for your home aesthetic.

Side Hinged

The side hinged door is a traditional design that has been moulded into modern lifestyles. Opening outwards only, you are given much more room in your garage with easy access whenever you need it. As well as access you can choose where you would like the handles, levers and entry points and can essentially create your own bespoke garage door.

Available in both timber and steel materials, you can choose the design that works well at your property and which suits your budget appropriately.


All sectional doors from Garador are created with versatility in mind. Being engineered right down to the final parts, they offer both outstanding thermal insulation and security at any property. With no loss of space in front of your garage door, you can pretty much open your garage with something just right in front of it!

Choose from woodgrain finishes, Georgian designs and various other linear designs to make your garage door the most versatile and efficient on your street.

All three designs from Garador are approved by ‘Secured by Design’ and certified to withstand a burglar attack by the UK police.

LT Garage Doors and Garador

Here at LT Garage Doors we love working with Garador designs and promote their quality doors to all of our customers in the Staffordshire and surrounding areas. Using our experience in the industry and their ability to create stunning designs, you can get your hands on quality, fitted garage doors in three different styles, without breaking the bank!

Call us today on 01782 533 552, 01625 886894 or 01785 748 001 to speak to our team about Garador designs at your property or check out our very own bespoke garage door builder.